I made a film!

I would love it if you could watch it and let me know what you think!

This film would not exist without the help and expertise of all these fantastic individuals:

Written by Rachel Shapiro (based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s original tale)
Cinematography: Kevin Grossett
Director/Producer: Christina Neuwirth

Cast (in order of appearance)
David Rex Bard: Pluto
Isabel de Andreis: Prosperina
Dave Coates: January
Jacques Tsiantar: Damian
Lara Henerson: May

Assistant director: Maria Stoian
Gaffer: Martin Allison
Costume design: Patricia Amatrian and Lili Giblin-McGrady
Seamstress for Ms Henerson: Judith Kahl
Key Wardrobe Consultant: Amy Trundell
Tree Wrangler: Maria Stoian
Edited by Christina Neuwirth

Music Royalty Free from
Wild Cherries – Ted Snyder (1908)
Live Wires Rag – Adaline Shepherd (1909)
Razzle Dazzle Rag – Nellie Stokes (1909)
Motor Bus – Annie Houston (1914)
The Aviator Rag – Irene M. Giblin (1910)

Special thanks to Alice Tarbuck, Jessica Legacy and Café Polentoni (38 Easter Road) for supplying excellent props.

Thank you also to Film Edinburgh for help with locations:

This film was shot on location in Edinburgh. Thank you to the University of Edinburgh and The Counting House for allowing us to film on their premises for free:

“The Merchant’s Tale” is part of Pilgrim’s Prize, a multi-platform modern retelling of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Like our Facebook page to get updates: And visit the project’s website to find out more:

If you like, I can write a little blog post about making this film…? If you have any questions in particular, leave them in the comments! Bear in mind that this is my very first attempt at directing/producing/editing/production designing and I am by no means an expert.


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