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Nasty Women: We did it!

Hello, blog crowd,

I am in a book. It’s going to be a real book. We did it!

I can remember when, just over a month ago, I sent my pitch to Heather from 404 Ink, vaguely saying I’d maybe like to write about my family’s female line, inheriting domestic traits, and grieving. I didn’t know whether it was relevant to the theme of “being a woman in the 21st century,” but after a conversation with my friend Sim (whose piece is also part of Nasty Women – UPDATE you can now read it on The Pool here) we decided we’d both just go for it and pitch and let the editors decide.

Anyway, just over a month ago I pitched; 404 Ink accepted, I wrote the piece, it’s in a book, and now the book is funded after only 2 days on Kickstarter! And Margaret Atwood tweeted about it! I am so incredibly excited for this book, and I cannot wait to read everybody else’s essays.

You can find the book here on the 404 Ink website.

(PS: It is SO WEIRD to be baring my soul to the world like this. SO WEIRD. But also… cathartic? Maybe I’ll write about that sometime.)


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