twentybiteen / the year of reading bisexually

Dear Internet,

I hereby pledge that in 2019 I will only read bisexual books. By this I mean, (here’s the criteria if you want to follow along)

  • books by bisexual authors
  • books about bisexual characters
  • books that feature bisexuality

The project will include other non-monosexual identities as well.

But Christina, why are you doing this? – Because bisexuality is rarely depicted in fiction or poetry and I want to read more of it, and I also want to support bisexual writers. I am a bi writer myself and it is important to me to write bi characters, and I am still discovering ways to write bisexuality; so this project will also help me learn from how other writers have addressed this. (You can read more on why I’m doing this here, in The Skinny)

I am planning on ordering these books in from my local library (which is good for me because it is cheaper than buying, and good for other local queer people because then there will be more queer books in the library! woo!). I will let you know how that goes. I will also use my local queer bookshops, Lighthouse Bookshop in Edinburgh and Category Is Books in Glasgow!

Here’s a list of books I’ve already read that feature bisexuality and/or have bisexual authors:

“Call Me By Your Name” André Aciman (novel)

“Conversations With Friends” by Sally Rooney (novel)

“How to be both” by Ali Smith (novel)

“Hera Lindsay Bird” by Hera Lindsay Bird (poetry)

“The Rental Heart and other fairytales” by Kirsty Logan (short stories)

“The Gracekeepers” by Kirsty Logan (novel)

“Grid” by Alice Tarbuck (poetry)

Here’s a list of books that the internet tells me are bisexual books:

From Autostraddle:

“Eating Chinese Food Naked” by Mei Ng

“Orlando” by Virginia Woolf

“Like Water” by Rebecca Podos

“Adaptation” by Malinda Lo

“Some of Us Did Not Die” by June Jordan

“Rip Off Red” by Kathy Acker

“I’m the One That I Want” by Margaret Cho

“My Education” by Susan Choi

“Corona” by Bushra Rehman

“Abandon Me” by Melissa Febos

There are also loads of resources here:

Please leave your suggestions and comments down below! Thank you!

Featured image is Sunrise/Nebula/Sky by theyreallbi on Tumblr


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