The #twentybiteen list! [3/2/19]

For my project of reading only books by bisexual authors and/or featuring non-monosexual attraction in 2019 I have compiled the following list – a lot of which others have recommended to me by others, so, thank you! I’m really grateful for reading recommendations – if you have some, please leave them in the comments below! Update! … Continue reading



Never met a dog.

I’m working on my dissertation for my MSc in Creative Writing. It’s a novella called “The Days of the Flood”, and it’s about a division of a company that gets flooded as a corporate disciplinary measure. Don’t worry, nobody’s died or anything.

There’s a dog in the office. His name is Sterlington. He’s a golden lab (those exist, right?) and he is afraid of the water.

Now, the problem is that I’ve never actually met a dog. Continue reading