Nasty Women: We did it!
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Nasty Women: We did it!

Hello, blog crowd, I am in a book. It’s going to be a real book. We did it! I can remember when, just over a month ago, I sent my pitch to Heather from 404 Ink, vaguely saying I’d maybe like to write about my family’s female line, inheriting domestic traits, and grieving. I didn’t … Continue reading



These things are part of it

Home is waking up knowing where I am, with a sore throat because I left the window open over night. I pull my heavy limbs together and into the kitchen to scavenge for food in the drawers that are neatly organised and never empty. I wave at my Gran through the window. My sister’s handiwork, pink raspberry syrup, poured into a glass and mixed with water. Dad‘s paper is on the table and I turn it over to read the opinion pieces, so I know what to think. After breakfast I play the piano because I know Mum will like it.

There are other things I remember, about other homes. Continue reading